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Swimming pool

Four-star hotel complex Alfaresort Palace


Outdoor mineral pool

Alfaresort Palace Hotel has a completely renovated outdoor mineral pool, which is divided into three sections. The construction of the pool is in accordance with all the wishes of our guests.

• The section "Topilo" has hot mineral water 36-38 degrees and has 50 comfortable seats for relaxation.

• Swimming section, 12 meters long, 7 meters wide, depth 120 cm-130 cm. Mineral water with a temperature suitable for swimming - 27-30 degrees.

• The children's section has a depth of 50 cm-70 cm and mineral water with a temperature of 36 degrees. It also has a canopy to protect our youngest guests from the bright sun.

The outdoor mineral pool is suitable for both the summer months and the cold winter days. Thanks to its southern exposure, it is the sunniest place in the complex, which guarantees a lot of smiles, tan and good mood. Nearby is the Barbecue Bar, which is ready to meet your summer cocktail wishes and offer you delicious local specialties.

Indoor mineral pool

The hotel has an indoor swimming pool with mineral water, with a temperature between 30-34 degrees. Divided into two parts, swimming and children's pool, it is suitable for relaxation and tranquility, as well as for entertainment of our youngest visitors. The hotel has a thermal spring with hot mineral water 52 °, springing from a depth of 1000 meters, with therapeutic and prophylactic properties similar to the mineral water in the resorts of Gorna Banya, Bankya, Hissar, Momina Cheshma and Varshets. The mineral water is suitable for treatment apparatus, respiratory, neurological, urological, gynecological and gastroenterological diseases.

The pool is a wonderful choice for both cold winter days and cool summer moments. The combination of comfortable sunbeds with mountain views and the healing properties of mineral water are a prerequisite for an unforgettable vacation.

  • Working hours: from 9:00 to 21:00
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