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Relax Zone

Working hours of the Relax Zone - 10: 00-20: 00

Our relaxation area is a wonderful opportunity to take care of your health and good shape in a pleasant atmosphere.


Финландска сауна

A well-known fact is the many health benefits of the sauna, it is a natural and relaxing way to rejuvenate and lift the spirits. One of the main advantages of the sauna is detoxification. In addition, the sauna helps maintain good skin and a clear complexion. During the sauna, the blood flow to the skin is increased, this increases the production of collagen, which helps maintain elasticity. Another big plus of the sauna is that it helps fight cellulite and overweight. In addition to the beneficial properties for the body, the sauna has its own positive effect and to improve the emotional and mental state. It has a calming and relaxing effect, helping us to overcome stress and fatigue.

The sauna is not recommended for:

  • people with high or low blood pressure, as well as those with various heart diseases
  • pregnant
  • after drinking alcohol and coffee
  • People with varicose veins and difficulty circulating

Herbal sauna

The herbal sauna is a light sauna in combination with various medicinal plants - herbs, twigs of deciduous and coniferous trees, cones and more. The temperature is about 50 ÷ 60 ° C. The relative humidity is 30 - 40%, but can reach over 50%. The herbal sauna is distinguished by the fact that in it the emphasis is on the beneficial effect of medicinal plants, and not on the heat effect. The sauna is a wonderful way to relax. Give yourself peace and beauty with us.


The hotel also has a massage studio, where you can enjoy both a relaxing massage and a healing massage. You can book your massage class at reception.

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